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Many foreigners do not know anything about PVU (Passport & Visas Department, old name -UVIR, Department of Visas & Registrations) but it is a very serious organization (Soviet time inheritance) which can give a lot of problems to a careless foreigner. PVU and its sub-departments PVO (Passport & Visas Sections) are responsible for supervising foreigners' movements inside Russia. Every foreigner having or not having a Russian visa must be registered within three working days in the local PVO or militia (police) station (in case there is no PVO in this place). A person or an organization that invited a foreigner to Russia is responsible for registering him. Generally speaking, the number of such situations is limited: either a private invitation from a physical person (the person must take care about the registration), or a student invitation (the educational institution must take care) or a business invitation (the firm which invited its guest must be responsible for the registration). All PVU and PVO bodies belong to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (i.e. police), so their style is very tough.

Under their regulations it is very difficult to:

  • transfer a foreigner from one supervising organization to another without leaving the country and entering again with a other firm visa;

  • change the visit purpose (private / education / business); in these cases PVU insists on his leaving Russia and entering it again with another purpose;

  • to extend a visa and registration.

UVIR rules are very complex, never published in full and are under constant revision, so only experienced specialists like our firm can consult and help in a difficult case.

We can consult and really help if you need:

  • to register a foreigner for up to 6 months;

  • to arrange an exit visa;

  • to extend a visa and its registration;

  • to arrange Moscow Job Permit with re-registering it to another firm;

  • to register a firm with Moscow UVIR;

  • to arrange a Moscow Residence Permit;

  • to restore registration after documents loss and in any complex situations.

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