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Many commercial organization prefer to obtain own legal right to invite foreigner to Russia. It can be provided for them by PVU (Passport-Visa Department, old name is UVIR, i.e. Department of Visas and Registrations). No application of an organization will be accepted without this registration.
The registration takes two stages: in local PVO and central PVU.
The organization prepares two similar dossiers consisting of Application form, incorporation papers and office rent contract. The first copy goes to local PVO (Passport & Visa Section) which supervises the place where the organizationís office is located in fact. This PVO is responsible (but sometimes, thank God, is lazy enough not to) to check the application data visiting the organizationís office. After the checking PVO signs and seals another copy of dossier (the first one will be so called Dossier of Supervision) for delivering to the central PVU. The PVU considers the dossier and in a due time (or later) permits the organization to invite foreigners. The result of this epic is a special card having validity dates (up to one year), seal, officer signature and individual number to be referred in all applications to PVU.
This routine must be provided every year. To extend this license to invite an organization must run a special register containing data on all foreigners invited and do reports for PVO quarterly.

The registration rally takes 2 Ė 3 weeks not including time for PVO checking if any.

We can take care on the whole deal of PVU registration (dossier cooking, going here and there) for 15,000 Rb. We can also do all necessary steps for inviting a foreigner on behalf of your organization (application, tax, delivery to PVU and back) for 1,500 Rb. including taxes.

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